Pocket Bingo Calling Cards

Pocket Bingo Calling Cards

Have a ball--without the balls!
Nothing beats the spectacle of a game of bingo. The cage rolls, its colorful balls clatter inside, and the suspense builds and builds until the number is called. But sometimes you just don't have the table space for a cage, or the time to load and reload dozens of balls between rounds, or the money to buy such an expensive set-up. That's where our Pocket Bingo Calling Cards come in! This deck of hardy, plastic-coated playing cards packs in all the fun of Bingo in one portable, space-saving package.

Why You'll Love It:
Bingo calling cards are more portable than a masterboard, more convenient than a cage, and they cut down on wasted time between games. No balls to reload; just give the deck a shuffle! These standard, poker-wide playing cards that measure 3.5" x 2.5" are extra portable and easy to handle. The even fit right into your pocket! And we understand that accidents happen, so we've included an extra 5 blank replacement cards in the event of lost or damaged cards. No need to buy a whole new set! Also included is a rules card with basic instructions.

Reusable and durable, these cards are a great idea for events, birthday parties, family game nights and more.

Bingo Cards & Chips not included. 1 Deck of Pocket Calling Cards Only

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