Paisley 100% Plastic Bridge/Regular

Paisley 100% Plastic Bridge/Regular


This set of KEM Paisley Bridge Size (2.25" x 3.5") regular index 100% cellulose acetate plastic cards includes 2 decks of Paisley series playing cards and a protective case.

So What are Kem Cards?
Kem Plastic Playing Cards is a 60-year-old company specializing in one product: playing cards which are 100% cellulose acetate plastic. Kem plastic playing cards contain no vinyl, which is the raw material used by all other playing card manufacturers for their plastic playing cards. Kem Plastic Playing Cards is the only company in the world with the ability to manufacture plastic playing cards from cellulose acetate.

A status symbol to some, a cost-reducing playing card to others, Kem plastic playing cards are the world's most desired playing cards. Kem plastic playing cards look different; Kem plastic playing cards feel different. Kem plastic playing cards are different.

KEM cards can handle wear and tear. Kem's high performance cards will last longer, shuffle better, and deal in such a manner that you will never want to play with anything else again.