Brybelly Elite Medusa 2 Decks - Black/Gold

Brybelly Elite Medusa 2 Decks - Black/Gold

These 2 Decks (Black & Gold) of Brybelly Elite Medusa Poker size Regular Index playing cards are expressly designed for Players with Passion. With attention to fine detail, Brybelly Elites are printed on heavyweight, casino-quality card stock imported from Germany and made from real wood pulp, and are adorned with crisp, sharp custom card art updated to modern standards but inspired by vintage designs. The card backs feature striking, serpentine Medusa designs, covered in scales and snaking, intertwined curves.

The Elite Edge-Plastic-coated playing cards just last longer than paper. Over ten times as long. Easier to clean and more resistant to stains, plastic-coated playing cards also keep their shape through repeated use.

Most playing card stock is made from straw pulp, but we've chosen premium, imported German stock made from real wood pulp, which plays with superior performance and enhanced longevity.

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