32G Clay Comp - Bounty (5x)

32G Clay Comp - Bounty (5x)

These rectangular Bounty Plaques makes a great addition to any poker game. Each set comes with five brown plaques that are hot-stamped in gold foil. The outer edge of each plaque is decorated in a suited pattern with dice in between each suit.

Each plaque weighs 32 grams, making it much heavier than a normal poker chip or traditional bounty button. The plaques measure 2 7/8" long, 1 3/4" wide and 1/8" thick.

A bounty button is traditionally used in poker tournaments when placing a bounty on another player. Bounty tournaments are increasing in popularity. Many times a special guest, the tournament host or chip leaders will have a tournament bounty placed on their head. Some tournaments have bounties on all players and you can win money based on the number of bounties you collect during the tournament.

Rectangular poker plaques are popular in Europe and for Asian-oriented gaming like Baccarat and Mahjong. Similarly, larger poker plaques are popular for high-stakes poker games in tournament-style play because they plaque is easily visible on the table. This is especially important for no-limit poker games.

We keep small quantities of these in stock in Melbourne. For orders of more than one set of any denomination, please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time.