14G Blank 8 Stripe Composite Clay

14G Blank 8 Stripe Composite Clay

This is the "Blank 8 Stripe" clay composite poker chip set. These 14 gram blank chips are made from heavy-weight clay composite and have the feel of real casino chips. They are 40mm in diameter, with a blank inlay that measures 31mm. These chips are not made for printing and are intended for customization with a label or other type of inlay.

Select the drop-down box to see what standard Ct Variations are available. Ct Variations are dictated by the maximum weight that can be shipped in one shipment. If you are after a larger Set of Chips please purchase multiples of the available options.

Once order is placed, please email us with the denominations and quantity you desire (must be in multiples of 25pcs).

If you are after a unique Ct Variation or just looking to top up chips we can offer a pro rata price. Just send us an email.

All chips are shipped directly from the U.S. and will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive.

Please note that a case is NOT included in this purchase.